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Jeep Tyres

Jeep, like Land Rover, is a vehicle manufacturer that focuses on the design and manufacture of a range of compact, mid-size and large SUVs, which are considered some of the world’s most iconic vehicles. The reputation of Jeep means that even non Jeep branded 4x4’s and SUVs are labelled as Jeep.

The history of the Jeep brand is as tough as it is impressive. The Jeep story started in 1940 just before the United States entered the Second World War, when it developed the Willys ‘Quad’ which served the allied forces valiantly during the Second World War - seeing action all over the world. The prestige and design of the Willys model can easily be seen in Jeep’s toughest off-road models available today - the Jeep Wrangler, which can be likened to the Land Rover Defender.

Other popular models within the range today, including the Jeep Compass, the Cherokee and the luxurious Grand Cherokee - which is a worthy rival to any luxury SUV. The tyres that we supply to Jeep owners vary massively, simply because of the wide range of driving conditions that Jeep drivers find themselves up against. Some Jeep owners never really leave tarmac, so summer or winter bias tyres are usually the tyre of choice - whilst some Jeeps do also venture off-road, so are supplied with all-terrain tyres. At the extreme end of the range, and especially popular on Jeep Wranglers, are mud tyres which make the Jeep almost unstoppable in any situation.

To find the right range of tyres for your Jeep, simply enter your tyre sizes above and the very best range of tyres available will be shown. If you have any questions about choosing tyres for your JEEP SUV - get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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