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295/35 R21 Tyres

295 35 21 Tyre Sizing

RoundTrip Tyres is one of the UK’s leading tyre suppliers in 295/35 r21 tyres. We have tyres suitable for a range of budgets, whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a premium quality solution with tyres from brands such as Dunlop or Pirelli. Our prices start from £76 and go up to £310.

295 35 R21 Tyre Sizing

Whether you have a brand in mind, such as a Dunlop 295 35r21 107y tyre or a Pirelli P Zero 295/35 r21 107y tyre; two of our best selling tyres - we have more than 60 tyres to choose from. If you’re unsure what brand is most suitable for you, explore our range of 295/35 r21 tyres to understand each of their advantages.

The 295/35 R21 tyre size is a common fitment to the Audi Q7, as well as numerous other large SUV type vehicles.

To identify the size of your tyre, simply check the sidewall of your existing tyre. Here you will find a set of figures which relate to the dimensions of your tyre including the width, height, diameter and tyre structure.

The first number on your tyre sidewall will determine the width of your tyre. This is measured from one end of the tyre to the other measured in mm. So a 295/35 r21 tyre has a width of 295mm.

The second number relates to the aspect ratio of the tyre, otherwise known as the tyre profile. This figure is essentially the ratio of the tyre height in comparison to the tyre’s width. For example, a 295/35 r21 has a tyre profile of 35, meaning the tyre’s profile is 35% of the tyre width. If you’re looking for tyres with a higher or lower tyre profile but with the same width and wheel diameter, we also do tyres in 295/40 r21 and 295/25 r21.

The first letter on the tyre sidewall refers to the construction of the tyre. This is usually an R, which stands for radial. Radial is the most common tyre structure in the industry as the tyre sidewalls become more flexible and reduce fuel consumption due to less rolling resistance. Radial and non-radial tyres are different in that the sidewall and tread function independently on a radial tire, whereas these features are interdependent on a non-radial tyre making them less flexible and sensitive to overheating.

The third number found on the tyre sidewall specifies the diameter of the tyre, measured in inches. A 295 35 r21 tyre has a diameter of 35 inches. The diameter of your tyre should match that of your existing tyre to ensure it correctly on the rim of the wheel.

Not sure if a 295 35 R21 tyre is the right size for your car? Take a look at our 21 inch tyres page to see all of the 21” tyre sizes available.