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235/40 R19 Tyres

235/40r19 Tyres

Round Trip Tyres are passionate about the role tyres play in motoring and driving experiences, as such we are committed to offering you the best 235/40 r19 tyres on the market. We have tyres from some of the UK’s leading brands including Continental, Nexen and Michelin to name a few. Prices for our collection of 235 40 r19 tyres range from £50 to £200+. So if you find you have a tight budget to play with, we can help; similarly, if you are looking for premium quality tyres at a higher price point, we can also accommodate you.

Are you in need of a 235 40 r19 tyre? Do you know how to find what tyre size you are after? Simply take a look at the sidewall of your current tyres and you’ll find everything from the tyre width, height and dimensions to help you find the tyre you need.

On the tyre sidewall, you’ll find a set of numbers and a single letter. The first number on the sidewall refers to the width of the tyre in mm. So the collection of 235/40/19 tyres all have a tyre width of 235mm. If this width isn’t quite what you’re looking for, take a look at our range of 19 inch tyres to find the right size of tyre for your car.

The second figure you’ll see on the tyre sidewall is the tyre profile, also referred to as the tyre “height”. 40 is one of our smallest tyre profiles, resulting in what’s known as a low profile tyre. The lower the number the lower the tyre profile and vice versa.

The first letter on the tyre sidewall is an indication that the tyre has a radial structure. This means the cord plies are arranged at 90-degrees to the direction of travel. This helps with fuel consumption, shock absorption and offers a softer, more enjoyable drive.

The third number of the sidewall of a 234/40/19 tyre specifies the diameter of the wheel in inches. So, 235 40 19 tyres should be fitted to a 19-inch wheel rim. It is important that you match the diameter size of your current tyre.

For this range of tyre sizes, in particular, the 235/40r19 Continental tyres is one of our most popular and best-selling tyres. Although expensive in comparison to other tyre brands available, this will be a reflection of the quality, longevity and durability of the tyre.