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235/35 R19 Tyres

235 35 r19 Tyre Sizing

If you are in need of a 235/35r19 tyre, RoundTrip Tyres is one of the UK’s leading tyre suppliers with tyres from some of the most well-known brands, and budget brands on the market - including Michelin and Nankang. Whether you’re on a small budget or looking for premium alternatives, our 235 35 r19 tyres range from £45 to £225, so you’ll be sure to find a tyre brand to fit your needs and requirements.

235 35 r19 Tyre Sizing

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing tyres due to wear and tear, or you’re buying a new car and would like to upgrade its current tyres, it’s crucial you get the right size tyre for the best driving experience.

By looking at the sidewall of your tyre, you’ll find all of the necessary measurements for your tyre size.

The first number relates to the width of your tyre. A 235/35r19 tyre has a width of 235mm. The width of the tire is measured from the outer sidewall to inner sidewall, from side to side, looking at the tyre head-on. If you’re looking for a bigger width, we also offer tyres in 245/35r19, 255/35r19 and 265/35r19 to name a few

The second number on the tyre sidewall refers to the tyre profile also called the aspect ratio, otherwise known as the height of the tyre which can be measured as a ratio or in mm. The bigger the ratio/mm the bigger higher/taller the sidewall of the tyre. The tyre profile is measured from the wheel rim to the top of the tread of the wheel.

Following the second number is a letter which states the structure of the tyre. In most cases, this will be a radial tyre indicated by the letter R. Radial tyres are the industry standard for most tyres and are undoubtedly the most common on the market because they offer greater grip, a more comfortable driving experience, increased durability and reduced fuel consumption.

The third number indicates the diameter of the wheel. A 235 35 r19 tyre has a wheel rim of 19 inches. This is measured across the centre of the wheel from the two bead seat areas. It is important this figure matches your existing tyre so it can correctly slot and seal onto the wheel.

If a 235/35 R19 tyre isn’t the right size for your car, try our 19 inch tyres page, to see the full range of sizes available.