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225/45 R19 Tyres

225/45r19 Tyre Sizing

RoundTrip Tyres is proud to offer an extensive collection of 225/45r19 tyres from a range of different brands including Imperial Tyres, Bridgestone and Continental; Continental is one of the top-rated tyre brands on the market. Our prices range from £50 to £230. The variety in prices means we can accommodate everyone's budget, whether you’re looking for cost-friendly options or premium quality alternatives.

If you are unsure of the tyre size required for your vehicle, simply look at the sidewall of your current tyre. There you will find numbers and a letter relating to the size dimensions of your tyre.

The first number you’ll see refers to the width of the tyre. This measurement is in millimetres. So a 225/45/19 tyre has a width of 225mm. We also offer tyres in different widths, so, for example, a 245 45 r18 tyre would still benefit from the same tyre height and tyre dimension however with a slightly wider tyre (as well as a slightly smaller wheel size in this case).

The second number present on the sidewall tyre wall indicates the tyre profile, otherwise known as the tyre height. The higher the number the higher the tyre profile or tyre height and vice versa. A higher tyre profile can be appealing if you’re looking to improve your fuel efficiency and tyre grip.

The first two numbers will be followed by a letter which specifies the structure of the tyre. More commonly than not, your tyre will have a radial structure. A radial structure layers elements radially away from the tyre’s front axis. This is typically preferred because radial tyres improve traction when accelerating, braking and turning, have fewer heat emissions, increased durability and are able to travel at higher speeds without damage.

And lastly, the third number in the sequence refers to the wheel dimension. A 225 45 r19 tyre has a wheel dimension of 19 inches. It is important to match the diameter of your existing wheel to ensure it fits the wheel rim. A 225/45/R18 tyre would be the same fitment, but on a smaller wheel, for example.

You may see additional figures on the tyre sidewall, these will indicate the load rating and speed rating. For example, a load rating of 96w or 92w is common with this size of the tyre, so you may see 225/45 r19 96w or 225/45 r19 92w on the sidewall of your tyre.

Not sure that a 225/45 R19 tyre is right for you? Take a look at our range of 19 inch car tyres to see the full choice available.