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245/40 R18 Tyres

245 40 18 Tyre Sizing

The 245/40 r 18 tyre size is amongst one of our most popular and best-selling tyre sizes, along with the 205 55 R16 and 195/65 R15 tyre sizes. Our range of 245/40r18 all-season tyres is available in a variety of brands from Dunlop to Nokian, ranging from £45 to £200+ per tyre. Rest assured whether you’ve got a minimal or large budget, our tyres can accommodate all requirements.

Are you searching for 245/40r18 tyres? RoundTrip Tyres has over 200 tyres to choose from in this tyre size. Whether you’re looking for a budget solution, mid-range option or a runflat tyre we have something to meet your ideal spend.

More often than not, 18-inch wheels are commonly fitted to larger vehicles offering to improve grip, traction and cornering, enhance brake power and generally improve the overall appearance of the car. That being said, bigger wheels come with disadvantages too, including increased fuel consumption, harder steering and slower acceleration to name a few.

With all tyre sidewalls, you should find a selection of numbers which indicate the width, height, tyre construction and diameter of the tyre.

The first number refers to the width of the tyre in mm. In this case, the width would be 245.

The second figure on a 245 40r18 tyre indicates the tyre “height” or the tyre profile. The lower the number, the lower the tyre height and vice versa. 40 is amongst our range of smaller tyre profiles. Tyres with a lower profile typically make a vehicle look more sporty and are said to improve braking and cornering. However, it is argued tyres with a taller tyre profile are generally quieter, provide a more cushioned ride, increase fuel efficiency and improve grip.

The first letter on a 245 40 r18 tyre refers to the radial structure of the tyre. Radial tyres typically offer greater flexibility and strength which helps to absorb shocks generated by road surfaces. It’s therefore no surprise why radial tyres are by far the most common structure of any car tyre.

Lastly, the third number indicates the size of the wheel rim to which the tyre will be fitted to. It is important you get the same size as your existing tyre to ensure it will correctly fit your wheel rim.

If 245/40/r18 isn’t the size for your car, take a look at our 18 inch car tyres page, to see the full selection of 18” tyres available.