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235/55 R17 Tyres

235/55r17 Tyres

Are you looking for 235/55r17 Tyres? RoundTrip Tyres offers 235 55 r17 tyres from some of Europe’s most recognised brands at competitive prices. You’ll find tyres from the likes of Hankook, Michelin and Pirelli starting from £40, going up to £150+. If it’s a budget-friendly option or a premium quality solution, we can help. We have a wide range of tyre brands available, so we’re sure to have something suitable for your car!

235 55r17 Tyre Sizing

If you’re unsure of the tyre size required for your car, please check the sidewall of your existing tyre. Here you will find a number of figures relating to the tyre size. If 235/55 R17 isn’t the size for you, take a look at our 17 inch car tyres page, to see all of the sizes available.

The first number of your tyre sidewall indicates the width of the tyre in mm. A 235 55 r17 tyre, therefore, has a width of 235mm. If this isn’t quite the width you’re looking for, we also offer tyres in smaller and greater widths such as 225/55 r17 and 245/55 r17.

The second number in the tyre sequence relates to the tyres profile, also knowns as the height of the tyre. The tyre profile can also be referred to as the aspect ratio. In this case, a 235 55 17 tyre has a height of 55mm or 55%.

The third figure on the sidewall will be a letter referring to the structure of the tyre. In most instances, you’ll see the letter R which stands for radial. That is because your tyre has a radial structure whereby the cord plies run 90-degrees to the direction of travel. Radial structured tyres are the most common the market as they typically absorb the impact of shocks better than others due to the increased flexibility and strength.

The third number on the sidewall specifies the diameter or the wheel or the rim size. For example, a 235/55 x 17 tyre has a rim size of 17 inches. It is important the wheel diameter of your new tyre matches that of the existing tyre for correct fitting.

In some instances, you’ll see an additional number which relates to the load rating of the tyre and an additional letter which indicates the speed rating.

Pirelli 235/55 r17, Michelin 235 55 r17 and 235/55 r17 Goodyear are our best selling tyres in this size.