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225/45 R17 Tyres

225 45 17 Tyre Sizing

Here at Round Trip Tyres, we offer a great range of 225/45 R17 tyres, with Free UK Shipping. From Achilles to Yokohama, we have a huge choice of tyre brands to choose from.

If you're not sure what size tyre you're looking for - check the sidewall of your tyre! 225 refers to the width of the tyre, 45 relates to the profile of the tyre, while 17 relates to the diameter of the wheel in inches.

Choose from a wide range of 225 45 R17 size tyres, from budget to premium brands, at great prices! Buy online from RoundTrip Tyres today!

224/45r17 Tyres are some of our best sellers here at RoundTrip Tyres, with a fantastic range of budget, mid-range and premium tyres available in this size. The size itself is fitted to many cars from stock, with family cars, sports cars and hatchbacks being supplied with the 225 45r17 tyre fitted as standard.

At RoundTrip Tyres we believe that this size wheel and tyre provides the best of both worlds, thanks to the larger diameter of the wheel at seventeen inches, cars and their wheels can look aggressive, stylish and sporty - whilst the size is not so big that it provides an uncomfortable ride over rougher road conditions.

The large number of vehicles that these tyres are fitted to, mean that tyre manufacturers have produced a large collection of tyres suitable for all kinds of driving styles and requirements. Fitted to a company car, such as a Skoda Octavia - customers will want a tyre which has been designed for maximum efficiency and longevity, whilst customers fitting these tyres fitted to a four wheel drive SUV or crossover may benefit from fitting all season tyres which provide strong levels of grip across a wide range of driving conditions and seasons. Those living rurally, or who those that depend on their car throughout the year may also benefit from purchasing a separate set of winter tyres, which are typically changed over in the Autumn and again in Spring every year. In cold weather conditions, such as ice & snow, nothing beats 224 45 r17 Winter Tyres.

As well as different types of tyres being available, many customers choose to buy their next set of tyres by price and budget - with a set of economy tyres perfectly suiting the driver who nips around town at relatively low speeds. Mid-range tyres are the next step up, which are typically harder wearing and perform better during braking and performance tests. At the top are a range of premium tyres from the world’s best known tyre manufacturers, such as Pirelli and Dunlop. These premium tyres are often designed for different purposes, some are designed for maximum motorway performance, and may feature patterns which reduce the risk of aquaplaning - whilst other tyres have been designed for maximum performance and grip, allowing you to make the most of a B road.


225/45 R17 Car Tyres

At RoundTrip Tyres, we work with tyre manufacturers both large and small, to ensure that our customers have access to the very best range of 225 45 r17 tyres on the market, regardless of budget, driving style and requirements - you can find the right tyre for you and your needs.

Once you order the tyres from us, they are delivered so you can have them fitted at a fitting station of your choice at the price you want to pay.