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215/60 R17 Tyres

215 60 17 Tyre Sizing

Are you looking for budget or high-end 215/60r17 tyres? RoundTrip Tyres offers a range of tyres to accommodate everybody’s budget. Our 215 60 r17 tyres are available in Summer tyres, Winter tyres as well as all-season tyres. Whether you’re planning a road trip to the alps, a journey through the heat of Europe’s Summer and everything in between, you’ll undoubtedly find a suitable 215 60 x 17 tyre for your vehicle. We offer tyres from all of the major tyre brands.

215 60 R17 Tyre Sizing

Some of our best selling tyres include the Bridgestone 215/60 r17, Nokian 215 60 r17, Michelin Crossclimate 215/60 r17 and the Pirelli Scorpion 215/60 r17. If none of these quite fit what you were looking for, we also offer 215 60 17 tyres from other brands including Goodyear, Firestone and Hankook to name a few.

If you’re finding it difficult to know what tyre size you require, simply look at the sidewall of your existing tyre to identify the required dimensions.

The first number within the sequence refers to the width of your tyre. The tyre width is measured from one end of the tyre to the other. For example, a 215 60 r17 tyre has a width of 235mm.

The second number relates to the aspect ratio of the tyre. This figure is sometimes called the tyre profile or the tyre height. So, a 215/60r17 tyre has a height of 60% of the width of the tyre. A tyre of this height is mid-range amongst other tyres we offer. You can generally expect better braking and cornering with tyres of a lower profile. That being said, tyres with a higher profile benefit from increased fuel efficiency and greater grip.

The second number is followed by a letter which indicates the structure of the tyre. In most cases, this will be the letter R as this is the most common tyre structure. R stands for radial. This is because the cord plies run radially, 90-degrees in the direction of travel. Radial tyres have increased in popularity over the years because they have greater flexibility, thus they tend to reduce fuel consumption.

The third number found on the tyre sidewall relates to the tyre diameter. This is measured in inches. A 215 60 17 tyre, therefore, has a diameter of 17 inches.

In some cases, you may find additional figures after this which refer to the load rating and speed rating. For example, 215 60r17 96h tyres have a load rating of 96 and a speed rating H.

If you’re not sure that a 215/60 R17 tyre is the right size for your car, visit our 17 inch car tyres page to view the full selection of available sizes.