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215/55 R17 Tyres

215 55 r17 Tyres

RoundTrip Tyres is one of the leading tyre suppliers in the UK, offering some of the best selling brands in 215/55r17 sizes. You can find tyres from Bridgestone, Michelin and Yokohama to name a few. Our 215 55 r17 tyres start from as little as £40 and go up to £150+. Rest assured whatever your budget, we have a tyre suitable for you.

215 55 r17 Tyre Sizing

To find the tyre size required for your vehicle, simply take a look at the sidewall of your tyre. Here you will find a set of figures which relate to the size of your tyre. Every tyre brand is obligated to follow the same standards so it’s easier for everyone to understand.

The first number within the tyre sequence refers to the width of the tyre measured in mm. That means a 215 55r17 tyre has a width of 215mm. 215 is amongst one of our smaller widths; smaller wheels often have superior acceleration and are not as affected by wind resistance.

The second figure specifies the tyre height, often referred to as the tyre profile. A 215/55 r17 tyre, therefore, has a tyre profile of 55mm.

The third figure is a letter with relates to the structure of the tyre. In this instance, a 215/55r17 tyre has a radial structure (“R”) which means the piles are layered at a 90-degree angle to the direction of travel. Radial tyres are preferred and the most common tyres available as they have greater flexibility and reduce fuel consumption.

The fourth figure within the sequence refers to the diameter of the wheel measured in inches. A 215 55 17 tyre, therefore, has a wheel diameter of 17 inches. If you’re replacing the wheel of your current vehicle, it is important the wheel diameter matches that of the existing tyre otherwise, it won’t fit correctly on the wheel rim.

If you’re not sure that 215/55 R17 is the size of tyre for you, take a look at our 17 inch tyres page, to see all of the sizes available.