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205/55 R16 Tyres

205 55 16 Tyre Sizing

Here at Round Trip Tyres, we offer a great range of 205/55 R16 tyres, with Free UK Shipping. From Achilles to Yokohama, we have a huge choice of tyre brands to choose from.

If you're not sure what size tyre you're looking for - check the sidewall of your tyre! 205 refers to the width of the tyre, 55 relates to the profile of the tyre, while 16 relates to the diameter of the wheel in inches.

205 55 16 Tyre Sizing

On the sidewall of every tyre, are markings which indicate the various sizes related to that tyre. This information is regulated to ensure that all tyre manufacturers use the same standards.

On a 205 55 R16 tyre, the first figure of “205” is the width of the tyre and is measured in millimetres. The width is measured from the innermost and outermost section of the tyre, once it has been fitted to a suitable size wheel rim. A tyre only goes up or down sizes in 10mm width increments, and so the next size down would be a 195/55 R16, while the next size up would be a 215/55 R16.

The second figure for 205 55 R16 tyres, “55”, indicates the tyre profile. In other words, this is the “height” of the tyre. A lower number here would indicate a low profile tyre, while a higher number here would indicate a high profile tyre. A tyre profile is measured as a percentage of the width, so for 205x55xR16 tyres, the profile is 55% of 205, or 112.75 millimetres.

The final figures on the sidewall of 205/55 R16 tyres is the R16 marking. The letter “R” refers to the radial structure of the tyre, whereby layers of right-angled fibres run radially across the tyre. This is by far the most common structure of any car tyre, with over 98% of tyres having a radial tyre construction.

The figure “16” refers to the size of the wheel's rim to which the tyre should be fitted. In this example, 205 55 16 tyres should be fitted to a 16 inch wheel rim. This is measured in inches, and should of course, be the same size as the wheels you already have fitted on your car.

Two additional figures may also be present on the sidewall of the tyre, which indicate the load rating and speed rating of the tyre. For this size of tyre, a load rating of 91 is common. The most popular rating for this size of tyre is 205/55 R16 91V, with 91W and 91H also commonly fitted.