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Uniroyal Rainsport 3 Tyres

We supply the whole range of Uniroyal Rainsport 3 Tyres Online, all at great prices. FREE UK Shipping! Buy online from RoundTrip Tyres today!

Uniroyal is a brand which has built up a fantastic reputation creating tyres which perform brilliantly in the wet, have recently updated their flagship tyre - the Rainsport 3. Although the Rainsport is classed as a Summer tyre, it is perfectly suited to harsher weather conditions - and this tyre has been specifically designed to provide the maximum possible grip across wet weather conditions.

Awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, the Uniroyal RainSport 3 is a summer tyre for sporty performance, even in the wet. The brand is known for its provision of superior wet-weather performance tyres, helping to keep drivers safe thanks to innovations such as their Shark Skin technology and fast curve configuration. Whether you drive an SUV or small-car, the Uniroyal Rainsport 3 will keep you safe on the road, even in less than ideal conditions. Find out more about some of the features that make the RainSport 3 such a great wet-weather tyre below.

Rainsport 3 key features

Shark Skin Technology

The Uniroyal RainSport 3 sports patented Shark Skin Technology designed to optimise water flow between the tyre tread and to minimise water turbulence reducing the chance of aquaplaning on heavily wet ground. The Rainsport 3 tyre achieves maximum wet grip in a couple of different ways; first of all the tyre has both 3D grooves and elastic shoulders - which work together to provide maximum grip on the road. It’s in the rain where these two features of the tyre really excel, with the car behaving reliably and responding well to steering commands on wet surfaces. Alongside these design features, the tyre features Uniroyal's unique Shark Skin tread pattern, which works the same way a shark's skin does, using draining grooves which regulate the flow of water over the tyre, and successfully prevent loss of grip in the wet.

Better Grip

The Fast Curve Configuration and flexible blocks of the RainSport 3 make it a superior tyre for wet conditions. The special asymmetrical tread pattern on the Uniroyal RainSport 3 is optimised to increase the tyre's contact area with the road's surface, providing extra surface area and grip even when taking on wet corners. The RainSport 3 is rated as a grade A on the EU Tyre Label for wet grip offering the highest possible performance under rainy conditions - you can’t get better.

Reliable Performance

As the first company to create the zig-zag pattern tyre tread back in 1912 and becoming the creators of the first-ever “rain tyre” in 1969, Uniroyal has always been committed to innovation and continues to push boundaries at the top of their field. Their Shark Skin Technology uses biomimicry to replicate a sharks ability to disperse water as it swims and to minimise water resistance for speed and efficiency, providing you with reliable performance in all weather conditions.

Commitment to Safety

For drivers looking to feel confident behind the wheel of their vehicle, even in wet and rainy weather, the Uniroyal RainSport 3 ticks all the boxes. Committed to safety, the RainSport 3 is accredited with the highest EU tyre rating for wet grip, boasting innovative water drainage technology and has an asymmetrical tread pattern designed to provide extra surface grip, even while cornering at speed.

About Uniroyal

Uniroyal has long been known for producing some of the worlds best rain tyres, inventing the ‘zig-zag’ tyre tread and then continuing to produce the first-named ‘rain-tyre’. The company is owned by German tyre giant Continental, who produce a variety of top-quality world-class tyres. Alongside Uniroyal, Continental also owns tyre brands Barum, Semperit, Sportiva and Matador and is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of tyre technology.

Uniroyal Rainsport 3 Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, we believe the Uniroyal Rainsport 3 speaks for itself - check out what some of our customers are saying below.

This is a tyre which quite a few RoundTrip Tyres employees use, with the following feedback:

‘​Been running the Rainsport 3 tyre for a little over 12 months, and as well as being a nice looking tyre - they provide massive amounts of confidence when driving in wet conditions, as well as being a comfortable and quiet tyre to live with’

You can view our full range of Uniroyal Rainsport Tyres above, where you can find the correct size for your vehicle. Alternatively, you can enter your tyre size at the top of the page and browse the full range of tyres available for your vehicle. Once you have selected your tyres, our ordering process could not be easier, and the tyres will be delivered to your chosen address, ready for fitting at your chosen tyre fitting station.