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Uniroyal Tyres

We supply the whole range of Uniroyal Tyres, all at great prices. FREE UK Shipping! Buy online from RoundTrip Tyres today!

Uniroyal Tyres have always been popular with the safety conscious amongst us, and that’s because - as any tyre buff will know, Uniroyal invented a tyre specifically designed for wet road conditions, back in 1969. Since then, Uniroyal has continued to invest massively in the research and development of tyres which provide the very best performance across a range of wet weather conditions.

At RoundTrip Tyres, we are extremely proud to have access to an incredible array of tyres, from the world’s leading tyre manufacturers. One brand we are very proud to be working with is Uniroyal. One of the most pioneering tyre brands in the world, Uniroyal, are popular with customers of ours looking for a high performance tyre, at a sensible price point.

Don’t think that the Uniroyal range of tyres are all hyper specialist though, the range provides the right tyre for all kinds of vehicle, and driving styles. Tyres available within the Uniroyal range fit cars with 13 inch wheels, right across to 21 inch wheels. As well as covering all tyre sizes, the range includes tyres designed for almost every style and driving requirement, the RainSport 3 is undoubtedly one of the best tyres available for sports cars, whilst the Rallye 4x4 Street is perfect for SUV drivers, and the AllSeasonExpert provides the perfect tyre for driving all year around.

Earlier, we mentioned the intensive scientific approach which Uniroyal takes towards tyre research and development. One of the most innovative features from the company, involves their engineers replicating the water dispersal properties of shark skin, creating the ultimate tyre for wet conditions. The approach of continual improvement has also been attributed to improving the rate at which tyres wear, ensuring the longest possible lasting tyre treads.

You can view our full range of Uniroyal Tyres above, which span all models and tyres types - including Winter, Summer and all-season tyres. Simply enter your tyre size above, and you will be shown all of the suitable Uniroyal tyres for your vehicle.

Popular Uniroyal Tyre Sizes include:

If you don’t see your tyre size listed above, simply enter your tyre sizes into the handy search form at the top of the page, to see all tyres suitable for your vehicle.