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Nankang SP-9 Tyres

Nankang SP-9 Tyres

The Nankang Rollnex Cross Sport SP-9 is an all year-round touring tyre for SUVs delivering performance and drive comfort on a variety of different road surfaces, and in both wet and dry conditions. Designed to offer maximum comfort without any compromise on safety or handling, the SP-9 is the perfect choice for town and city driving for modern crossovers, smaller SUVs and larger family cars.

Conscious of the family budget, longer lasting tread life has also been a priority for Nankang in the manufacture of this tyre. The Nankang SP-9 is the perfect choice for performance, comfort and safety for the family car or the regular commute to work and with an attractive price point, it has virtually no drawbacks for daily town driving.

Nankang SP-9 key features

Low risk of aquaplaning

Wave-shaped blocks with an optimised siping patterns in the centre of the tread guarantee superb traction on wet roads whilst four longitudinal grooves enable a high rate of water expulsion and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Stability and performance

The SP-9’s all season compound features an asymmetric tread pattern with outer shoulder blocks and angled grooves for additional lateral grip to maintain and increase road contact when cornering in the dry.

Low rolling resistance

The balanced tread pattern on the SP-9 offers low rolling resistance so fuel economy is maximised and there is little road noise in the cabin. Nankang employs computer simulation technology to inform the manufacturing process and ensure driver comfort. Twin steel belts inside the tyre give added strength and stability and improve durability and lifespan.

About Nankang

Nankang is not a well-known name amongst the motoring public but this Taiwanese tyre manufacturer has quietly been producing tyres for decades; many are sold under different brand names which is why they haven’t the obvious popular support of some other tyre makers. Nankang has a state of the art research and testing facility which they use to inform tyre design and all their tyres comply with European Union regulations. Experience producing tyres for the military and commercial vehicles add to their knowledge base. They have a very attractive price point and so often form the subject of review on motor forums for people who haven’t come across them before and who are looking for good value.

Nankang SP-9 Reviews

Read what some of our customers are saying about the Nankang SP-9 and see for yourself how it performs.

This tyre is used by several RoundTrip customers and here is the feedback:-

“I use the Nankang SP-9 on both our cars, the family car which does the usual school run and shopping trips plus longer journeys for holidays and, on my own car which I use to commute to work. They are unbeatable for good all-round performance and value. I am no racing driver but the tyres seem solid and well able to perform if they are put under pressure and there is minimal road noise in the cabin. The price and longevity are unbeatable and on a family budget, that and safety are my top two criteria.”

Find the SP-9 in our Nankang tyre range by easily navigating on the website. Pick the tyre from our menu and then click on the correct size or do it the other way around, type in the size and then select the Nankang SP-9 from all those tyres listed. Fast and slick ordering will have your new Nankang SP-9s at your door or your garage for immediate fitting in no time.