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Nankang NS-20 Tyres

Nankang NS-20

Savour a sporty performance on any road surface in any weather conditions with the Nankang NS-20, a symmetrical tyre that has been designed without any compromises to offer the ultimate driving experience.

Using computer simulation technology, the Nankang NS 20 is designed to provide a comfortable ride, consistent high levels of performance even in wet conditions and even tread wear that maintains performance levels throughout the life of the tyre. All this and at a competitive price as well.

Nankang NS-20 key features

Noise Reduction

Lateral kerfs and sipes along the edge of the tyre contribute to reduced cabin noise at high speeds whilst increasing comfort - making everyday driving more pleasurable. You’ll also find that the sub straight grooves on the shoulder reduce uneven tread wear, resulting in longevity and consistency of performance. The compound used for the NS-20 is durable and lightweight aiding resistance to rolling and resulting in lower fuel consumption in the process, which is always a plus.

Unique rubber compound

Nankang’s unique state-of-the-art silica compound offers superior grip, traction and control on all road surfaces in both wet and dry conditions. The durable and lightweight compound produces a lower rolling resistance, conserving fuel, and the innovative tread pattern offers a super quiet ride with reduced tyre noise. The sipes or sub-straight grooves on the shoulders lower road noise and increase the ride comfort, plus help to reduce the risk of uneven tread wear.

Comfortable Ride

Users have said that the Nankang NS-20 makes a positive difference to steering and handling, and that they ‘wouldn’t tell the difference between Avon and Yokohama tyres’, when comparing them to the Nankang NS-20. The tyres were also said to have absorbed road bumps better than the average tyre. This is testament to the design of the tyre which is geared towards producing a comfortable, refined drive.

Stability and control

The uniquely designed blades on the tyre shoulders promote driving stability and optimise control in planned sharp manoeuvres like lane changes and unexpected emergency situations in bad weather. The directional tread pattern features straight, wide grooves which offer a superior performance on wet roads in conjunction with four wide tread blocks.

Superior economy

The Nankang NS-2R is designed to be durable and resist rapid deterioration and wear and tear plus mechanical damage. This is achieved with a balanced distribution of pressure on the road surface; not only is wear limited but performance is maintained as the tyre ages.

Tread designed for performance and safety

The V-shaped grooves in the directional tread pattern shift water quickly and efficiently reducing the risk of aquaplaning. The internal steel belted construction offers added durability and strength whilst prolonging tread life. The unique tread block siping design, enhances grip on wet roads and maintains handling even in challenging weather conditions.

Great Dry and Wet Braking

Nankang NS 20 tyres have a silica compound that provides great grip in both wet and dry conditions. The tyre is designed with four wide tread blocks aiding water drainage and improving the handling in wet conditions. The V-shaped grooves are specifically designed to disperse water quickly, reducing the risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions. The braking performance competes with tyres in a much higher price bracket, so if you’re looking for a budget alternative, give this tyre a try.

This tyre is available in up to 124 sizes, so whether you need 185/45r15 tyres or 285/30r20 tyres, Nankang has a tyre for you.

About Nankang

Nankang is one of the longest established Asian tyre producers, servicing a range of vehicles in the domestic and commercial sector. Their tyres are fully compliant with European regulations and standards and Nankang tyres offer some of the best value for money. Exports across the world to over 100 countries are a testament to their success. Some of their manufacturing output is done under different brand names which is why they are not as well known as they might be. Nankang UK is based in a 76,000 square foot warehouse in West Bromwich. However, the Company itself originates from Taipei, Taiwan. The world renowned company creates tyres for all uses and applications. If you’re looking for high performance tyre for race days or are just looking for a quality mid range daily-use tyre, you’ll find a Nankang tyre suited to your needs. Value for money and a comprehensive range of sizes are the running themes throughout the range of Nankang tyres. Nankang aims to offer ‘optimum performance and longevity’ as well as design integrity and driving satisfaction throughout the range.

Nankang NS-20 Reviews

Read what some of our customers are saying about the Nankang NS 20.

This tyre is used by several RoundTrip Tyre staff and here is the feedback:-

“I wanted a competitively priced tyre that would cover all seasons without the bother of having to change tyres for the Winter, a tyre that would drive well on all types of roads and in all types of conditions as my driving is a mix of motorway, town driving and rural roads. The performance has been outstanding and has not diminished as the tyres age. There is no loss of handling in wet weather conditions either – the car feels solid and stable. The price point is excellent, these are great value tyres.”

Browse the full range of tyres from Nankang. Pick the NS-20 from the menu or key in your tyre size and it will bring up all the Nankang tyres available to suit your vehicle. Ordering is easy and simple and we can offer delivery either to your home or direct to your garage where the tyre can be fitted for you.