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Nankang Econex NA-1 Tyres

Nankang NA-1 Tyres

The Nankang Econex NA-1 tyre is a Summer touring tyre which is all about the ride and driver experience. However, this tyre has also been designed to combat sudden intense rainfall which can be a feature of Summer weather. The key features on this tyre are the flat block tread and the reinforced side zones.

Nankang Econex NA-1 key features

Low noise

The narrow tread which is a feature of this asymmetrical tyre, reduces rolling resistance and lowers road noise; this is a tyre which majors on driver comfort. The anti-noise prevention bars placed on the side grooves of the outside tread shoulder, block airflow in the grooves which helps promote super quiet driving on dry roads. This feature the road noise generated by these grooves which are designed to function in wet weather and dispel water.

Unique tread design

The specific flat block tread design of the Nankang Econex NA-1 majors on drainage performance even though this is a tyre designed to be primarily used on dry, Summer roads. The large void ratio within the inside pattern promotes rapid clearance of water when needed without detracting from the ride comfort.

Performance and manoeuvrability

The Nankang Econex NA-1 features two different zones on the tread to combat specific road conditions. The inner tread assists with unfavourable conditions like heavy rainfall with the large spaces between the blocks promoting efficient water drainage and a stable drive. The outside pattern supports accurate steering and manoeuvrability; the large pattern blocks on the tread shoulder offer better handling when cornering and more control on twisty roads and bends.

About Nankang

Nankang is a Taiwanese brand, a major player in the tyre industry since 1940. With a rich history supplying commercial tyres and tyres for military vehicles, Nankang has harnessed its knowledge to inform tyre production for the domestic motoring market. Nankang has an extensive research and development complex which allows them to develop technological production solutions for modern vehicles and all with a very competitive price tag. Nankang tyres are fully compliant with European Union regulations.

Nankang Econex NA-1 Reviews

Read what some of our customers are saying about the Nankang Econex NA-1 and see for yourself how it performs.

This tyre has been used in the past, by several RoundTrip Tyre staff and here is the feedback:-

“I always use Winter tyres and this year when I was ready to swap them, I decided to try the Nankang Econex NA-1 for Summer driving. I drive on a range of roads and found the performance very satisfactory whether I was in a country lane or driving on the motorway. Road noise is low and the tyres have a decent level of performance and cope well if you get caught in a sudden Summer downpour. What I like about them is that Nankang hasn't forgotten about how variable the weather can be during the warmer months and so I feel very confident using these tyres when it is raining.”

Browse our extensive selection of Nankang tyres, just select the Econex NA-1 from the menu and pick your tyre size. We offer a quick and simple ordering system with the best prices guaranteed. Shop for rapid home delivery or arrange for the tyres to be sent to your garage or tyre fitter.