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Nankang AS-2+ Tyres

Nankang AS-2+ Tyres

The Nankang AS-2 Plus is a tyre designed for optimal performance in both wet and dry conditions and a serious competitor to the budget ranges, from the big brand names and well-known tyre makers.

Nankang used cutting edge technology to design the AS-2+ profile and carried out trials using special 3D simulation software to figure out the best design before creating prototypes which were extensively tested. The aim was to maximise water dispersal, reduce rolling resistance and create an all-round high performing tyre in both wet and dry weather.

The AS-2+ is made on the same production machines as the premium brands and has all the know-how and expertise of Nankang’s vast experience just without the high price point.

Nankang AS-2+ key features

Secure on wet roads

Wide sectional grooves in the tread pattern on the Nankang AS-2+ provide quick and efficient drainage to minimise the risk of aquaplaning and promote secure grip whilst manoeuvring on wet roads.

Low road noise

Serrated and chamfered grooves on the tread block walls reduce road noise to provide the motorist with a slick driving experience.

Economy and performance

Nankang’s price tag is unbeatable but the economy stretches beyond the point of purchase. Using technology and manufacturing processes honed over many decades, Nankang have aimed to produce a tyre which will offer even wear and optimal performance even whilst it ages. Durability is a key factor maximising the length of time that the tyre will perform before a replacement is needed.

About Nankang

Nankang is a company that produces tyres under various brands so is not always well-known amongst the motoring public. They have avoided the tarnished reputation of some Asian tyre producers and actually have a long track record in this industry with experience gained producing tyres for commercial vehicles and the military. Fully compliant with European Union regulations, in track and research centre testing, the Nankang AS-2+ has consistently performed well and held its own with results very close to big branded rivals which are often more than double the price.

Nankang AS-2+ Reviews

Read what some of our customers are saying about the Nankang AS-2+ and see for yourself how it performs.

This tyre is used by several RoundTrip Tyre staff and here is the feedback:-

“I don’t have a big budget to spend but I have to do a lot of driving in my daily life so I still need reliability and performance. The Nankang AS-2+ has coped with everything I and the weather have thrown at and has lasted well without any drop in handling or performance as the tyre has aged. I feel safe in challenging driving conditions and that means a lot as I had an accident three years ago on a wet road, so I am not the most confident of drivers.”

Browse the Nankang tyre range by using the easy to navigate menu and a simple ordering system which means your Nankang AS-2+ tyres can be delivered to your door or tyre fitter quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Search by brand or just input your tyre size and then select the AS-2+ from the drop down menu.