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Firestone Tyres

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Founded by Ohio-born businessman Harvey S. Firestone in 1900, the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company has built a legacy for itself over the past century with their innovative creation of the non-skid tread, not to mention their long and successful history with the IndyCar series and sponsorship of various racing events, including the 2019 Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.

Firestone offers an extensive range of tyres which provide optimal performance in all seasons, from the driest terrains to the snowiest regions. With consistently high achievements in performance tests, the brand has proven itself to be a reputable source to serve every driver’s need - from commercial cars, to off-roading vehicles including SUVs and light trucks.

Firestone Tyres - A Global Company

Are Firestone Tyres Any Better Than Bridgestone?

In 1989, Japanese based company Bridgestone and Firestone announced the merging of the two companies, therefore resulting in an incredibly beneficial partnership that has been successful for decades. The key differences between the two brands lie in the manufacturing processes and the price range. The tyres are produced using alternate types of equipment with different manufacturing processes and feature designs that vary depending on the customer’s needs. Bridgestone is generally considered as being a high-end brand, while Firestone offers mid-range tyres which are more affordable for commercial use.

While researching what tyre is best for you, it may be worth taking a look at the specifications for both brands to see what is best suited for your travel needs.

What Firestone Tyre Is Best For Me?

Although you can find a variety of Firestone tyres available on our website, the Firehawk, Roadhawk and Destination brands have proven to be the most popular amongst customers. Many of the products are optimised for dry and wet grip and are renowned for their longevity. For example, if you are looking for a tyre that can keep you moving with a puncture, we would suggest choosing the Firehawk SZ 90 series, which has been designed with premium Firestone run flat technology. Whether you are touring, working or driving on your daily commute, you are guaranteed to find a cost and fuel efficient tyre with Firestone.

Popular Firestone Tyre Sizes 

Take a look through our full range on this page. Whether you’re in the market to buy Firestone car tyres at the cheapest price, or you’re looking for a specific tyre, perhaps an 18 inch Firestone tyre for your Mercedes C Class; we have a wide range available!


Popular Firestone Tyre Sizes include:


If you don’t see your tyre size listed above, simply enter your tyre sizes into the handy search form at the top of the page, to see all tyres suitable for your vehicle.