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Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres

At RoundTrip Tyres, we are massive fans of winter tyres - which are a legal requirement in many parts of Europe. In the UK, Winter tyres have been steadily growing in popularity in recent years - with more and more people enjoying the advantages of dedicated winter rubber during the colder months of the year.

Although some motorists believe that winter tyres are chunky all terrain style tyres - thanks to the dramatic names used such as ‘snow tyres’ - winter tyres are in fact tyres designed to be used in cold weather, not exclusively snow. Winter tyres perform better on wet, dry, snowy and icy roads during the colder months of winter. Winter tyres are the true do-it all-tyre for cold and wintry conditions - they really do revolutionise winter driving on front, rear wheel and four wheel drive vehicles.

Winter Tyres differ from normal/summer tyres in a number of ways - firstly, they contain more rubber than standard tyres and this rubber is made from a softer compound. The softer compound remains soft in temperatures below seven degrees Celsius, the temperature at which standard tyres become hard and less responsive to the road conditions. Alongside a softer rubber compound, the tread blocks and treads of a winter tyres also differ significantly from summer tyres.

Every winter tyre features hundreds of small sipes, which are thin channels cut into the tread block of the tyre. These little ‘lines’ perform brilliantly, helping keep tyres warm, as well as getting rid of water in the tyre. In snow, these sipes provide astounding levels of grip, where summer tyres would likely just spin.

Purchasing winter tyres is a no-brainer and for a relatively low cost - you can transform your vehicle into a true winter beater - enjoying improved grip, increased snow driving performance and more confident driving. Of course, winter tyres are an added expense to your motoring bill, but one which is well worth it in our experience, especially for our customers who live in rural areas where gritting may not be reliable.

Most car tyre manufacturers have been making winter tyres for a long time, so the existing technology used is perfectly sufficient. Increasingly, budget tyre manufacturers are also getting into the winter tyre market - meaning that your next set of winter tyres could cost less than you first thought.

To find the suitable range of winter tyres for your vehicle, just enter your tyre size above - and a range of suitable winter tyres will be shown.

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