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Pickup Truck Tyres

Pickup Tyres

Pickup trucks are an ever increasingly popular option for motorists in the UK - long favoured by farmers and construction workers, pickup trucks are also a tax friendly choice for many company car drivers in the UK, who can take advantage of their classification as a commercial vehicle - massively lowering their benefit in kind.

Today, pickup trucks are not limited to hard work - but instead are used for anything from the daily commute, to family weekend trips, to the usual hard work and towing that they are used to. The massive range of pickup trucks means that a diverse range of tyres are required, with completely different specifications, to suit a range of driving styles and uses.

The farmer who uses his pickup truck to deliver hay and feed to his animals in remote places, may favour a mud terrain tyre to make sure that he can complete his feeding round without hindrance. The construction worker doing plenty of miles on tarmac, as well as off-road use on building sites, might favour an all-terrain tyre, whilst company car drivers doing lots of miles favour may two sets of tyres; one set for summer and one for winter - allowing them to drive the car in complete comfort, whilst taking advantage of a pickup’s four-wheel-drive capabilities.

To complicate things further, all-season tyres are also a popular choice for pickup drivers. To see our available range of tyres for you pickup truck, simply enter your tyre size above and we will display all available tyres for delivery to your door. We offer the world’s top tyre brands for sale and have worked hard to provide an unbeatable of items, in terms of quality, price and availability.

If you have any questions about the range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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